Empire-X (72"×36") Instructions

 (SIZE: 72"×36" — 1-SIDED)

01 - Contents: One [1] tripod base and two [2] telescoping rods.

02 - Loosen the knob at the top of the tripod base and open the base by moving the center (3rd) leg 45° to the rear of the base.

03 - The tripod base is now freestanding. Tighten the knob to lock the read leg into place.

04 - Insert the two rods into holes at top of the tripod's gear mechanism.

05 - Press the button on front of the base, and then move the legs at the bottom of the stand's mechanism apart from each other so that the stand makes an “X” shape.

06 - Lay the banner face down onto a clean flat surface. Place stand onto the banner, matching the top of the stand to the top of the banner, with the rear leg at the top.  Attach the bottom corner grommets of the banner to the two hooks at the ends of the stand's "legs".

07 - Turn the nuts on the two "arm" rods clockwise to loosen them, and then extend the "arms" as needed so that they may be attached to the top corner grommets of the banner.

08 - Extend the "arm" poles until the banner becomes taut, and then tighten the nut on each rod by turning it counter-clockwise to lock the "arms" into place.

09 - Secure:



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