Refer-a-Friend Starbucks® Cards


• What is the "Refer-A-Friend" program, and what is the benefit of participating in it? 
In brief, the Refer-a-Friend program lets you give a 12% OFF offer to your friends, family, and coworkers.  For each of those friends that makes a purchase with, you will receive a $5 Starbucks® Gift Card!  Unless the people you send this offer to sign-up for an account, we will not keep their email addresses nor add those addresses to any email marketing list.
• All right, that does look interesting, but what about the "fine print" for it?
Checking the "fine print" is never a bad idea—well done—for this offer the font's point size is the same, but it is a rather large paragraph at the bottom of the page.  So, to help make sure no important information is missed I've presented that same information here in point-by-point form.  Text may appear in italics after a point is meant to help clarify that point using a brief example.
  1. Refer-A-Friend invitations may only be sent to email addresses that have not already been used to create an account, whether or not an order has ever been placed under that email address or account.

    (If someone can already log into an account using one of the email addresses you plan invite to join us through this offer that address will be marked as invalid for this offer, and won't count.)
  2. Invitations may only be sent to an unregistered email address once, and ownership of the potential refer a friend reward will be given to the first referring email address.

    (So, for example, if a brother and sister both decide to send one of these invitations to their mother but the sister completes her list first, sis will be the person to receive a Starbucks® card if mom should order something from us.)
  3. In order to receive the current Refer-A-Friend reward, the invited party must complete a qualifying purchase on which has not been returned, cancelled or refunded.
  4. Upon completion (delivery) of the invited party's qualifying purchase (as per #3 above), please allow up to 14 business days for the electronic delivery of your reward.

    (Business Days are Monday through Friday.  Weekends and major US holidays are not counted as business days.  A list of holidays that observes is available here.  Depending upon the shipping time required for the invited party's order, electronic delivery of your Refer-A-Friend reward may take some 2-3 weeks in total.  Starbucks® rewards are sent by email.  Please check any spam or junk mail folders you're using for your account to make sure your Starbucks® rewards doesn't end up in one of those by mistake.  Yahoo! Mail® Users:  Cases have been reported to us where Yahoo! Mail completely blocks the Starbucks® reward email.  It may help to use a non-Yahoo! address.  It may also help to place [] addresses on your email program's white (approved senders) list.)
  5. Limit 20 rewards per referring customer.

    (You're welcome to send out more than 20 Refer-A-Friend invitation emails, but you can only receive a maximum of 20 Refer-A-Friend rewards cards.)
  6. Eligibility to collect reward for a qualifying purchase expires 60 calendar days from date the first invitation was sent by the referring customer thru our Refer-A-Friend interface. 

    (You're not required to send-out all of your Refer-A-Friend invitations at the same time, but please note that the eligibility expiration time starts counting down once you've entered at least one invitation email address and clicked the green "Share 12% Discount Offer!" button.)
  7. Any qualifying purchases made after the 60 calendar days noted in #6 above will not be eligible for redemption towards a Refer-A-Friend reward.

    (As an example, if you invite exactly 20 people to join us through this offer but the last of those persons places an order with us 61 days later, you will only be eligible to receive 19 rewards.)
  8. Each invitee is only eligible to trigger one reward, any subsequent qualifying purchases will not be eligible for redemption toward a reward.

    (If one of the people you invite to join places two more orders on the same day as their very first order, only the first order will count towards your receiving a Refer-A-Friend reward.  If the first order the example invitee placed gets returned, cancelled, or refunded neither that order nor the other two orders placed that same day will count as qualifying Refer-A-Friend orders.)
  9. Refer-A-Friend rewards have no cash value and program may be discontinued at any time at the sole discretion of

    (These rewards may only be redeemed as part of a purchase at Starbucks®. reserves the right to terminate the Starbucks® rewards program, and/or the Refer-A-Friend offer at anytime without notice.)
  10. Rewards have no cash value and redeeming customer assumes all responsibilities associated with safeguarding their rewards, and is not liable for any resulting purchases or losses associated with the reward.

    ( disclaims any obligation for reward codes that are lost, stolen, or expired.  As with any transaction, care is recommended, as assumes no responsibility for how a Refer-A-Friend reward is used.)
• If I decide to take advantage offer, where do I go on to get started? 
If you've not already done so, please log into your account now.  When you're logged in, the system will be able to auto-fill the "Enter your email address" field of the Refer-A-Friend form.  The form may be found here:
• With the rewards being sent by email is there anything I should do to help make sure I receive such messages? 
The Starbucks® rewards will be sent from this address:
We recommend adding that email address to your email program's "Approved Senders" list (often referred to as a White List).  We also recommend checking any Spam or Junk folders that you're using, as sometimes an email program can send approved message to those folders by mistake. 
Yahoo! Mail® Users:  Cases have been reported to us where Yahoo! Mail completely blocks the Starbucks® reward email.  It may help to use a non-Yahoo! address.  It may also help to place [] addresses on your Yahoo! Mail® program's white (approved senders) list
• If I still have any questions about the Refer-A-Friend offer before getting started, who should I contact? 
That will be our Customer Service department.  Customer Service personnel are available from 9:00 AM to 11:00 PM Eastern, Monday through Friday, and from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM Eastern Saturdays.
You're welcome to contact us by telephone (1-800-494-5850), email (, live chat (using the button located in the top-right on, or support ticket.
• If I have any questions or problems with a Starbucks® eCard, who should I contact? 
For questions about your Starbucks® eCard, please contact the Starbucks® Customer Relations Department at (1-800-782-7282). They can answer questions you may have about the card and correct any issues that may come up.
The Starbucks® word mark and the Starbucks® Logo are trademarks of Starbucks Corporation. Starbucks® is also the owner of the Copyrights in the Starbucks® Logo and the Starbucks® Card designs. All rights reserved. Starbucks® is not a participating partner or sponsor in this offer.

Updated 18 November 2014 to match the current version of the Refer-A-Friend offer.

Customer Service personnel are available during our service & support hours (all times Eastern):
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  • 9:00 AM to 10:00 PM, Friday
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You're welcome to contact us by Telephone (1-800-494-5850), Email (, Live Chat (using the button located in the top-right on, or Support Ticket.