• What is Blind/Drop-Shipping? 
Blind/Drop-Shipping (commonly referred to at as Drop-Shipping) allows a customer to ship an order to its destination using a "From" address other than the default address.  It also means that the order will be shipped without any branding (box labels, ID-stickers, etc.).
This is most-often used by those ordering signs on behalf of another — such as sign brokers and resellers. 
• Is Blind/Drop-Shipping available, and if so, how does it work?
Drop Ship Selection CheckboxDrop-Shipping is available during checkout.  In Step 2 of Checkout (Shipping), look for the selection checkbox on the left side of the page, just below the "Ship to" address area.
When Drop-Shipping is selected, a new set address fields will be displayed below the check box and its text.  The first set of fields at the upper portion of the page is the "To" address, and the second set of fields at the lower portion is the "From" address.  If the "From" address is not changed, the default address will appear on the shipping label.