Duplicate Transaction Error


A "Duplicate Transaction" can occur when multiple attempts to pay for an order fail within a short period of time.
If using Debit or Pre-Paid Card that does not have a mailing address registered for it the attempt to pay using that card may fail.  With these types of cards registering a mailing address for that card will normally fix the problem.
We recommend checking that all required information (any field marked with a red asterisk - *) is present and correct. 
If all of the billing information is present and correct, please contact Customer Service at 1-800-494-5850 or via Live Chat during business and support hours (9AM - 11PM Eastern, Monday - Friday, and 10AM - 4PM Eastern, Saturdays) for further assistance.
Support personnel may be able to process a payment for you over the phone, and if not, should be able to provide more information about why the attempted payment has failed.