Yard Signs – FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)




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Q: What is an eSigns.com Yard Sign made of?

A: Yard Signs use 4mm-thick (4mm ≈ 0.16”) Coroplast (Corrugated Plastic) material.

Q: How long can an eSigns.com Yard Sign last?

A: Under normal conditions, a Yard Sign’s expected lifespan is up to two [2] years.

Q: Are Yard Signs printed In Full Color?

A: They are. Your design may use as few or as many colors as you like, without affecting their cost.

Q: Do Yard Signs fade in sunlight? 

A: Yard Signs printed by eSigns.com use UV-Curable inks designed to last for the sign’s expected lifespan.

Q: How Does the Quantity Discount work? 

A: The Quantity Discount only applies to multiple copies of the exact same sign.  As an example, the Quantity Discount for ten copies would not apply to an order for five copies of “Yard Sign 1” and five copies of “Yard Sign 2”, but the Quantity Discount for five copies would apply to both sets of five signs.

Q: What Accessories are available for mounting my Yard Signs? 

A: At present, eSigns.com carries three types of Sign Stakes, as well as Sign Frames:
               Sign Stakes (H-Wire, Spider, and Heavy Duty)
               Sign Frames (for 18”×24”, 18”×30”, 24”×36”, and 24”×18”)

Q: What is the Turnaround Time for Yard Signs? 

A: Orders placed no later than 10:00 AM Eastern Time, Monday-Friday normally print and ship that same business day.  Orders placed after the 10AM cutoff time will be scheduled to print the following business day.  Please note that high-quantity orders may require more production time.  Artwork problems with files submitted to eSigns.com may cause delays.

Q: What are the Shipping Costs and Shipping Times for Yard Signs? 

A: Shipping costs and estimated time totals are available at any time using our Shipping Estimator.   The minimum about of time for a given order is two business days, and this may require that one of the Overnight shipping options be selected during checkout. 

Q: Can I repeat a previous Yard Sign order? 

A: Certainly – to repeat a previous order, log into your account and click on My Account.  On the My Account page you’ll find a number of your most-recent orders listed, and links leading to the My Orders page.  Listed with each order is a “Reorder” button.  Clicking the button will add all of the items in that order to your shopping cart.

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Q: Can I create my own Yard Sign design on eSigns.com? 

A: Yes! Our Online Design Tool includes all of the tools needed for adding and editing your text, adding art from our library of clipart and images, and uploading your own graphics and images to fit the type of sign you wish to create.

Q: Is graphics design experience required use the Online Design Tool? 

A: No. Graphics design experience is required to make a Yard Sign design with a professional appearance when using the eSigns.com Online Design Tool.
               Back to Basics – Part 1 and Back to Basics – Part 2 eSigns.com video tutorials.

Q: Are Yard Sign templates/pre-made designs available? 

A: At present, the eSigns.com template library includes more than 130,000 templates that may be used with Yard Signs.  A template can make a great starting point for your Yard Sign design.

Q: Can I customize/edit a Yard Sign template? 

A: Absolutely! Online Design Templates are fully customizable.
               Customizing Pre-Made Templates eSigns.com video tutorial.

Q: I have a Print-Ready Yard Sign design file, can it be uploaded to my account?

A: Certainly — using the Upload Print-Ready Design option, any pre-made Yard Sign design you’ve created may be easily uploaded into your eSigns.com account.  Files of up to 100MB (megabytes) may be added directly to your account this way.

Q: My Print-Ready file is larger than 100MB, how can I use it for my Yard Sign?

A: If the file cannot be brought down to the 100MB size by ensuring it complies to the eSigns.com File Preparation Guidelines, we recommend using a 3rd party service such as WeTransfer.com for your file.  When using such a service, please send the download link, the email address being used with the eSigns.com account, the sign type, and sign size to Customer Service.

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Customer Service personnel are available during our service & support hours (all times Eastern):
  • 9:00 AM to 11:00 PM, Monday – Thursday
  • 9:00 AM to 10:00 PM, Friday
  • 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM, Saturday

You're welcome to contact us by Telephone (1-800-494-5850), Email (cs@esigns.com), Live Chat (using the button located in the top-right on eSigns.com), or Support Ticket.