Using Your Saved Designs


Eventually one of these may happen when working in the online design tool:

"There, my 3'×6' Vinyl Banner design is finished.  Wait, that should be a 3'×6' Double-Sided Banner instead of a Vinyl Banner.  Do I have to start all over again?"

"I really like how this Vinyl Banner design worked out, and I'd like to have it printed as a Yard Sign as well.  Do I have to start from scratch with a Yard Sign version?"

The answer to both questions is no—you won't have to start over from the beginning to change the sign type, the sign size, or both when working in the online design tool.  Thanks to the Change Product or Size feature, it's possible to use the same design on multiple sign types and sizes with little (or no) touch-up editing.  Please note that drastic changes—such as changing a horizontal banner to a vertical banner—will likely require more editing after the change.

►Watch the Using Your Saved Designs tutorial video on the Vimeo channel or by clicking the video below.

In this first video, saving a design into your account from a selected template is shown, but this is not a requirement.

►Watch the Putting Your Designs on New Products video tutorial on the Vimeo channel or by clicking the video below.

In this second video the work is being done as a Guest, which is why the link at the top that leads to the My Projects page is displayed as My Saved Designs rather than My Projects.  For best results, logging into your account right away is recommended.

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