Password Recovery / Log In Failure


What happes when logging in fails.• I've previously created my account, but when I try to log into my account, the log in fails.  How can I get my log in to work again?
To begin, we recommend double-checking that the User ID (the email address being used for the account) and Password for the account are being entered correctly.  Sometimes a log in attempt will fail because of a simple typographical error.  In such cases, entering the correct User ID and Password will get the log in attempt to work. 
Passwords are case-sensitive, meaning that the way a password was entered when it was created is the exact way that it must be entered every time thereafter.  To illustrate this, a password created as MyExampleLogIn must be entered as MyExampleLogIn on future visits to the site and your account.  Any other mix of upper- and lowercase characters (such as myexamplelogin or MYEXAMPLELOGIN) won't work. 
Password Recovery 1 (of 3)• I've checked my User ID and Password, and to the best of my knowledge both are being entered correctly.  What is the next step to follow in getting my log in to work again?
If you do not already have the Log In dialog box open, please open it by clicking the Log In link located near the top-left corner of  When you have that dialog box open, look for and click on the "Forgot Password" link located near the middle-right of the dialog box.
This will open a dialog box asking for your User ID - which is the email address used when the account was created.  This address may already be displayed in the "Registration Email" field when the dialog box first appears.  If an address is displayed, please check it carefully to ensure that:Password Recovery 2 (of 3)
  • The address is the one that you used for your account
  • It is correctly entered (no characters missing, transposed, etc.)
With the correct registration email address in place, click the blue "Send" button to have our system send you our Password Recovery email. 
A dialog box confirming that the email has been sent will appear next.  Password Recovery 3 (of 3)As noted in that dialog box, any temporary passwords or codes are valid for a period of ten hours after the email has been sent.
PLEASE NOTE:  The Password Recovery email will be coming from this email address: — If you do not see a message from that address in your email inbox shortly after clicking the Send button, the message may have been routed to your email client's Spam or Junk Mail folders.  Please check those folders to make sure that your password recovery message has not been routed into such a folder in error.
The email will provide further instructions on resetting/recovering the password for your account.  The message will look much like this (for security purposes, only a portion of the email is shown):
Sample from Password Recovery Email
What happens when password recovery is attempted without having an account.• When I enter the email for my account into the Registration Email field of the password recovery dialog box and then click the Send button, I I get a "User Not Found" message.  Why does that happen, and what can I do now? 
If you're getting the "User Not Found" message shown at left, it means that the email address you've entered into the Registration Email field in the password recovery dialog box was not used for an account.
Please check that the email address was entered correctly into the Registration Email field now.  If the address is correctly entered but "User Not Found"
appears  when you click the blue Send button it means that you have not created an account under that specific email address.
If you've not created an account yet using the email address you'd prefer, please return to the site's Log In dialog box, and fill in the New Customer section.  Once you've created your account you should be able to log into it normally.
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